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Not for Profit organisation

Roselands Community Church

The church meets in Roselands Primary School hall on a Sunday morning at 10.30am and can be found in Time Out on many evenings.

Time Out relies on the goodwill of its supporters and a team of volunteers to keep it serving the local community.  If you would like to get involved call in to see us or contact us electronically.

Time Out

6 Sturcombe Avenue, Roselands

Paignton, Devon.  TQ4 7EB

+44 1803 411671


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Coffee shop



Drinks menu

Extra espresso shots  available for 20p.     A selection of coffee syrups are also available at 30p.     Skinny, Lacto-free, Soya & Decaf on request.

Espresso                     Single shot  £1.40    Double


Nothing added and nothing taken away.  Coffee and water in its natural form, straight from the grounds.


Americano                       Small £1.50         Regular


Espresso based coffee with added water, giving  a longer and milder coffee experience.  Milk optional.

Cappucino                       Small £1.70        Regular


A third each of espresso coffee, steamed milk and frothy milk, sprinkled with chocolate.

Latte                                   Small £1.70        Regular


A shot of espresso coffee, topped up with steamed milk finished off with a thin layer of milk foam.

Mocha                             Small £1.80          Regular


An espresso coffee, with hot chocolate, filled up with steamed milk and finished off with a layer of foamed milk.

Tea                                        Mug  £1.00               Pot


Regular or decaf tea available as are a selection of fruit and herbal teas.

Hot Chocolate            Regular  £1.80       Luxury


A generous helping of chocolate, with steamed milk and milk foam.  Flake, marshmallows & cream add a little luxury

Fizzy Drinks and Fruit Juice


We carry a selection of canned drinks and fruit juices.  Ask for ice if you’d like a chilling experience.

Milkshakes                   Regular  £1.00        Luxury


Enjoy a long refreshing milkshake or for a luxury experience add some ice-cream to cool you down.

Children’s Squash  &  Milk


A glass of fruit squash or fresh milk for our more youthful customers.

Other Drinks